Crossing Rocks Energy II, LLC (“CRE2”) was formed in July 2018 in partnership with Old Ironsides Energy and Pearl Energy Investments to acquire and develop producing and non-producing oil and gas interests. While we will evaluate any attractive opportunity in the lower 48, we are particularly focused on the East Texas, South Texas, Permian Basin and Mid-Continent regions.

Throughout our collective careers spanning many decades in the oil & gas industry, the CRE2 team has built solid relationships among the E&P and service sectors. We strive to:

  • Treat others with mutual respect and fairness,
  • Seek to establish working relationships that operate more akin to partnerships than utilitarian producer/consumer arrangements,
  • Approach communication in a humble and genuine manner, taking a sincere interest in people and their unique situations, giving thoughtful consideration to their points of view, and
  • Settle accounts in an expeditious manner.

We will consider operated and/or non-operated producing and non-producing acquisition opportunities. If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss in confidence, please contact:

Bruce Selkirk, President & CEO

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